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Find Gas, Cigars and Gifts All in Our Smoke Shop

Visit our Native-owned gas station in Irving, NY

Fill up your tank and restock on cigarettes without a hassle. Heron's Landing Smoke Shop is a Native-owned gas station with a smoke shop, restaurant and gift shop attached. Whether you need gas, tobacco products, cannabis products, food or a souvenir for a friend, you can count on our shop in Irving, NY to have what you need. Come visit our walk-in humidor today!

Our tax-free, 100% Native-owned gas station has 24/7 fuel pumps for road trippers and truck drivers. You can always get gas from us. We even have truck parking so you can get a break on a long trip. Stop by today and enjoy the many amenities we offer.

Shop with us and save big

Our smoke shop and gas station are always offering great deals. Every Friday, save a dollar on Native Brand Cigarettes that are over $20 or get 20% off of any glass and gifts shop purchase.

We also give away a free tank of gas to every 100th visitor on Friday. If you're looking to save money during your trip to the gas station, come to Heron's Landing Smoke Shop. Visit us today to see what promotions we're offering.

Enter a smoker's paradise

Our Native-owned gas station has everything you need. Besides fuel, our gas station also sells:

If you like to smoke, you'll love our shop. It's also the perfect place for a truck driver to rest up after a long trip. If you're passing through Irving, NY and just want to get a souvenir for a loved one, we definitely have the perfect gift for you